Year 6

In 2016, Helena College expanded to include Year 6 into the Glen Forrest Campus (6-12). The newest members of the campus have brought an energy and enthusiasm that has been noticed by all, and their enjoyment of their new school is clear.

Week one was terrific! We got our computer and went swimming. We had a crazy Indonesian lesson too, art was good also. But by far my favourite was the library! The library is MASSIVE! James 6M

I made a whole lot of AMAZING, LOVING friends. Indya 6M

The Year 6 parents are also delighted…

When I picked up my son after his first day of high school, he was grinning from ear to ear. I think it was mostly because he was carrying a brand new laptop (this was a great idea for day 1, by the way), but he also said he met new kids, played a gamelan, had a really nice lunch from the canteen, and just really enjoyed the day.

It was great to see the Year 6 buildings today – I loved the design and the fact that the four buildings make a separate space – the undercover area in the middle is a very clever design – it looks and feels safe and secure and makes the most of the beautiful surrounding bush land.

The addition of Year 6 to the Middle School enables us to offer the full five years of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP), from Years 6-10. The MYP is a strong transitional programme from the end of the primary years to the final two years of schooling, after which students undertake Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) subjects.

Each Year 6 class has a dedicated homeroom teacher,  and a pastoral and academic programme that provides the familiarity of the Year 6 learning area along with a graduated transition into the Senior School.

Year 6 students at Helena have the opportunity to begin their Music journey by learning an instrument – the ukulele. The ukulele is useful because, a part from being a beautiful instrument in its own right, it is a ‘gateway’ to learning instruments such as classical guitar, electric guitar, bass and strings. Students learn how to tune, strum and play chords on their ukulele, as well as compose and perform their own songs with the members of their class. The skills learnt through the semester of ukulele tutelage that students receive at Helena is applicable to all instruments, and results in student’s proficiency in an instrument before they even enter Year 7.
Year 6

For more information about Year 6, please contact our Director of Middle School Cathy Light or to register your child for Year 6, contact our registrar Anne Kinsella.

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