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As part of Helena College’s commitment to children protection, parents from the Darlington Campus (K-5) and the Glen Forrest Campus (6-12) attended a free presentation on social media and cyber safety.

The presenter was psychologist Jordan Foster from ySafe, which aims to give parents and students the skills and knowledge they need for today’s complex and ever-changing digital world.

In her comprehensive presentation, Jordan gave many tips and strategies for more successfully negotiating the potential pitfalls of the cyber world and in particular the social media environment.

Parents were urged to keep abreast of current trends and to talk with their children about their approach to digital engagement. Jordan recommended visiting, the website for the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner, and suggested Common Sense Media as another useful website for parents.

Finally, Jordan urged all parents to remember the ABC of cyber safety management and to attempt at least one of the strategies, or all three to be most effective.

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For more information, visit the ySafe website or their Facebook page.





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