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The Year 10 drama production last night was phenomenal – half an hour of an emotional roller coaster. I cried, laughed, gasped, stopped breathing, had goosebumps and cried some more! Jane Coates

Halfway through Term One, the Year 10 students have had the opportunity to present their work to parents and friends at Monologue Night. It is the culmination of four weeks in which students chose their own monologue and characters. Working together as a group, they devise scenes where their characters could conceivably come together. As well, they created their own costumes and decided on the staging for one-night-only performance. It was a comedic twist on the serious side of life.

Drama Teacher Ms Thea O’Keeffe says her role is to prepare the Year 10 students for the rigours of Year 11-12 ATAR Drama in a fun and entertaining way.

Monologue Night is a great opportunity for students to showcase their individual acting skills in a group performance, where they can be creative and take risks.

Ms O’Keeffe now has her attention turned to her older drama students, with the Years 11-12 ATAR Drama production in early April.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht takes the story of Adolf Hitler’s ruthless rise to power and turns it into a satire about a fictional and equally ruthless gangster in the 1930s.

Arturo Ui reminds us we to take a stand again anyone who uses violence and fear to get what they want.

The message is in the title – Arturo Ui could have been stopped by resistance from those around him. It is an important play for students to tackle because of its relevance to today’s world in portraying the devious nature of politics. The students have been learning about contemporary physical theatre acting this term and are excited to perform this Brechtian classic in a contemporary style.

Performances are Thursday, 5 April and Friday, 6 April at 7pm, Saturday, 7 April at 1pm and 7pm. To book for The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, please click here.  The production is suitable for 13 years and older. There is no charge for tickets but bookings are ESSENTIAL.

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