College Governance

Helena College Council is responsible for the governance of the Darlington Campus (K-5) and Glen Forrest Campus (6-12). Members are appointed for their professional skills, areas of expertise and enthusiasm for independent education.

The College Council has eight members and two ex-officio members who give their time and expertise to oversee the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan for the College. Click here to read the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

Council Executive

Nathan Johnston Chair of Council

Business and governance

McKenzie Reed Deputy Chair of Council

Compliance, governance

Members of Council and areas of expertise

Natasha Cheung

Andrew Crean

Jessica Currell

Fiona Haynes – Human Resources

Rob Masetti – Information and communication technologies

Michael Papali

Lara Sappal  – Secondary and further education

Melissa Strutt – Marketing and Strategic Business Planning

Shona Zulsdorf

Natasha Cheung

Andrew Crean

Jessica Currell

Fiona Haynes

Rob Masetti

Lara Sappal

Melissa Strutt

Shona Zulsdorf

Ex-Officio Member of Council

Ian Lyons Principal

Michael Papali Business Manager

Communication with Council

Parents may make submissions to Council, addressed to:

The Secretary of Council

or email the Secretary of Council.

Council Representatives who attendP&F meetings should not be approached with complaints from parents. For information on the appropriate disputes and complaints process please see the policy page.



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