Anzac Assembly 2018

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In the first week of Term Two, students and staff from Years 1-12 came together at the Glen Forrest Campus for the annual Anzac Assembly. We were joined by many parents and special guest Member for Kalamunda, Matthew Hughes MLA.

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Hosts Annabelle Weaver (Year 5 Entertainment Minister) and Harley Dasey (GFC Head Boy) did a wonderful job linking together the varied aspects assembly.

We began with an overview of World War One from Year 9 students Kiah Watson and René Watson who have been learning about it in their Humanities classes.

The Anzac Legend had been born but Australia would never be the same. World War One, although so costly to Australia and Australians, helped shape our nation. It is important that everyone understands and appreciates the sacrifice of our young men in a war that ended nearly one hundred years ago. Lest we forget – Kiah Watson and René Watson

The central theme of the assembly was, ‘After one hundred years, what is the Anzac Spirit and how can we continue its legacy?’

Visiting speaker, and Helena parent, Lisa Wolstenholme spoke about the Hugo Throssell Citizenship Award which was created by the KSP Writers’ Centre to honour Captain Hugo Throssell, the first West Australian Victoria Cross awardee in World War I.

Hugo demonstrated the qualities of courage, mateship, leadership and selflessness – putting the welfare of others before his own. These qualities are what we generally refer to as the ‘Anzac Spirit’. School principals can enter a (Year 6) student from their school who they believe exemplifies the Anzac Spirit qualities in their everyday schooling.  Lisa Wolstenholme

Lisa acknowledged Helena student Xavier Wright who was runner-up to the award winner in 2017.

Xavier demonstrated many qualities, including being a class rep, helping injured classmates, taking ownership of his learning, his interest in environmental responsibility, initiating and running the ‘Year 6 Ninja Warrior’ tournament, and using recycled goods to create a model in last year’s Opti-MINDS Challenge.

Year 10 student Jordyn Hullett continued the theme, talking about her experiences in giving service to the community, both within school programmes and after school.

 Everyone here today has the potential to be of service to others, just like the ANZACS. What will you do? Jordyn Hullett

The assembly concluded with the laying of the wreaths by students in Years 2, 5 and 12, including a beautiful wreath that was handmade by Year 2 students. This year for the first time, we had a flagpole inside the gym so the entire Anzac service including wreath laying and flag raising could be seen by all in attendance. The temporary flagpole was specially constructed at school and will be used again for other purposes. Year 12 Student Council member Kat Christie raised the flag at the end of the assembly and the Helena Concert Band, led by Mrs Kirsten Greenshaw, played the National Anthem.

After the assembly, parents stayed for morning tea with Anzac biscuits made by the canteen staff and volunteers (thank you to Mrs Bottrell and Mrs Gooch). Thank you to all involved in creating a respectful and moving Anzac assembly in honour of all those who have served our country.



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