Bullying. No Way!

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The anti-bullying message was reinforced strongly in a special assembly at the Glen Forrest Campus today.

Principal Ian Lyons spoke about the fact that Helena College is one of more than 4000 schools registered to be involved with the National Day of Action Against Bullying And Violence.

Here is part of Mr Lyons’ speech to the students from Years 6-12.

Firstly, I would like to say that I am very proud of our school culture and congratulate our school community for welcoming the 113 new students that have started at the College in 2018.

Because I strongly believe that every student in this school has the right to feel safe I would like you all to know that

If you are being bullied

If you witness bullying behaviour

If you are concerned about a friend that is being bullied

You can tell someone about it. Speak to someone you can trust. You can tell

  • Your parents
  • A teacher at the school you feel comfortable with
  • The administration ladies in the office
  • Me, Mr Pitt, Ms Light, Mr Hillman or Mrs Boyett

Telling someone about bullying is the first step to making it stop. When you tell someone they

Will listen to you

Will believe you

Will support you

Will work towards making the bullying stop.

When you do come and talk to us, it may seem to you that nothing has been done but believe me when I say, that we take bullying very seriously and we do a lot behind the scenes on working at solving the problem.

If bullying continues, you can come and talk to us again and again so we can continue to work towards a resolution.  If we don’t know about it, we can’t stop it.

Telling someone about bullying behaviours is NOT DOBBING. Dobbing is when you tell on someone with the intent of getting them into trouble. Reporting is when you ask for help when there is a problem. 

As I mentioned earlier, I am very proud of the students and culture of Helena College.

I believe you come to our school every day with the best intent –  to make the most of the unique environment and positive atmosphere that the College has to offer. But I do know through working with hundreds and hundreds of students that good people can sometimes act inappropriately.

As a part of the National Day of Action Against Bullying And Violence, students are being asked to pledge the following:

I promise to treat others with kindness and respect.

I will encourage others rather than putting them down.

I will embrace difference.

I pledge to take a stand against bullying.

I will reach out to others who are bullied.

I promise to encourage someone who has been bullied to get adult help. 

I will report bullying if I see it happening.

I will have the courage not to be a bystander.

I pledge to think before I comment on, post or forward messages.

I will help make our school safe.

My hope is that all of you here today would be willing to embrace these actions.

As Principal, my role is to make sure everyone, adults and children, feel safe in our College. I take this role very seriously and if you are being bullied we want to know and we want to help.

Ian Lyons, Helena College Principal

Year 9 student Jess Kaufmann read her original poem at the assembly and students were also shown sections of a bullying awareness video from the TV show, The Project.




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