Extra Curricular

The College offers a variety of before school, lunchtime and after school activities and clubs for students. Further down this page you will find the details of all groups running in Term One, and after the table there are contact details for staff running these and other activities throughout the year.

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Contact Cathy Light, Director of Middle School (Years 6-9) or Craig Hillman, Director of Upper School (Years 10-12)

TUESDAY morning
ChemistryMr Geoff QuintonYears 11-127.45am-8.30amS1
MathsMr Warren BeckwithYears 11-12 exam preparation
Starts middle of Term One
BiologyMrs Vanessa ReddyYears 11-121pm-1.45pmS4
Card ClubMs Amy Bennett12.45pm-1.45pmM2
Gaming ClubMs Di Parker12.45pm-1.45pmRoom 6
Human BiologyMrs Deanna WrightYears 11-1212.45pm-1.45pmS3
Robotics ClubMr Jon Roberts12.45pm-1.45pm10
TUESDAY afternoon
Drama ClubMs Thea O’Keeffe3.30pm-4.30pmPAC
English & LiteratureEnglish Department staffYears 11-123.20pm-4.20pmE1 and E2
Homework ClubMrs Chris Stachowicz3.30pm-4.30pmLibrary 2
NEAS after school sportMr Joe KendallYears 7-93.15pm-5.15pmOval / other schools
MathsMr Tim Hayward and Ms Sarah Ferreira7.30am-8.30amM1
Gaming ClubMs Di Parker1pm-1.45pmRoom 6
GeographyMr Ash HoskenYears 11-121pm-1.45pmLibrary 3
HumanitiesMr Ash HoskenYears 6-101pm-1.45pmLibrary 3
WEDNESDAY afternoon
CoderDojo ClubMr Jon RobertsLearn to code3.30pm-4.30pmD4
Homework ClubMrs Chris Stachowicz3.30pm-4.30pmLibrary 2
Media ClubMr Daniel Hortense and Mrs Heather Owen3.30pm-4.30pmMedia
NEAS after school sportMr Joe KendallYears 10-123.15pm-5.15pmOval / other schools
Physics supportMr Deven Reddy3.30pm-4.30pm Library 2
THURSDAY morning
ArtMr Christian Hansen7.30am-8.30amVisual Art Room
ChemistryMr Geoff QuintonYears 11-127.30am-8.15amS1
HistoryMr Dave BannisterYear 127.50am-8.30amRoom 3
Gaming ClubMs Di Parker12.45pm-1.45pmRoom 6
Robotics ClubMr Deven Reddy1.10pm-1.45pm10
THURSDAY afternoon
ArtMs Sandra-Lee MackeyYear 123.30pm-4.30pmD6 Visual Art Room
Homework ClubMrs Chris Stachowicz3.30pm-4.30pmLibrary 2
MathematicsMr Shane Gray and Mrs Amy Bennett3.30pm-4.30pmM1
Physical Education Studies (theory)Mr Justin PittBy appointment 3.15pm -4.15pm Library
FRIDAY morning
GeographyMr Ash HoskenYears 11-12 revision session7.30am-8.30amLibrary 2
FRIDAY lunch
IndonesianIbu Danielle Horne1pm-1.45pmRoom 5
PhysicsMr Deven Reddy1pm-1.45pmS2
FRIDAY afternoon
Homework ClubMrs Chris Stachowicz3.30pm-4.00pmLibrary 2

Before and After School Maths

Contact Tim Hayward, Head of Department – Mathematics


Contact Jon Roberts, Innovation and Computing teacher

Drama Club

Contact Thea O’Keeffe, Drama teacher

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Contact Bob Simpson, Deputy Principal – Curriculum

Gaming Club

Contact Di Parker, Humanities teacher

 Homework Club

Contact Chris Stachowicz, Homework Club coordinator

Music Ensembles

Contact Ruth Gallagher, Music administrator

Robotics Club

Contact Deven Reddy Science teacher

School Sport

Contact Joe Kendall, School Sport coordinator