COVID-19 Information Hub

This information hub provides the Helena College community with the latest information about the College’s management and response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

  • Kindy-Year 10 students – last day of term is Monday, 6 April.
  • Years 11-12 students – last day of term is Wednesday, 8 April.

This timetable enables teachers to complete at least five full days of the off-campus learning programme with their students, which will inform their planning and programming for Term Two.

The additional two days of lessons for Years 11-12 gives students in this critical phase of learning the opportunity for additional support.

Supervision will be provided to the end of Thursday, 9 April for those students whose parents are unable to keep them at home.

Wellbeing Services

Now we have moved to off-campus learning, all staff will continue to fulfil their usual pastoral duties as classroom and homeroom teachers. They will still pass on any concerns as they would do when at school.  As we move forward our students’ needs will become more obvious and we will look for creative ways of meeting them. We will also welcome your general concerns and suggestions. Our goal is to maintain our students’ feeling of belonging to their school. It may be necessary for us to physically distance ourselves, but we can stay socially and emotionally connected as a school community.

The Student Services team is here to support our students and their families during these difficult times. Contact us by email and SEQTA Direqt Message for students and parents. If you prefer, we can telephone you.

DC (K-5) Student Services – 9299 9626

GFC (6-12) Student Services – 9298 9100

The P&F (Glen Forrest Campus) has taken out a subscription to SchoolTV, an online wellbeing platform that features videos and other resources to support families. SchoolTV has provided a special report on coronavirus with a six minute video from child and adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Greg.

Take care and let us all work to stay connected.

Susan Boyett, Director of Student Services

Click on the name of the organisation to access helpful information sheets on supporting children and young people through the time of COVID-19.



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