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This information hub provides the Helena College community with the latest information about the College’s management and response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

COVID-19 News

In Term Two,  Helena College returned to school under the ‘new normal’ COVID-19 protocols. While many restrictions have lifted, the College continues to follow our increased hygiene regimen, including regular cleaning of shared facilities, encouraging handwashing and making hand sanitiser available in every classroom. In addition, we are maintaining the Department of Education’s ventilation standards, ensuring fresh air is circulating in all rooms. While masks are no longer mandatory, we do strongly encourage both staff and students to wear them while indoors.

As parents are no longer required to report COVID-19 positive cases to the College, we are no longer able to provide accurate data on the number of infections in each year group. However, by noting the increased level of absenteeism due to illness, and the general rise in COVID-19 infections reported by the Department of Health, we can assume that positive cases continue to arise in the community.

Thank you to all the families who are helping us keep the College community healthy, by keeping their unwell children at home.  The WA Department of Health notes while it is often difficult to prevent the transmission of common illnesses, every effort should be made to minimise the spread of infection by encouraging:

  • staff and children at school or childcare to stay at home in the early stages of illness, as at this stage they can be infectious and shed the virus, bacteria or parasite through coughing, sneezing, contaminating surfaces and personal contact.
  • school staff and students who are ill should not to return to work/daycare until they are symptom free if they have COVID-19, a cold or the flu, and for at least 24 hours if they have had gastroenteritis.

The ongoing COVID-19 situation can also impact mental health. ReachOut has put useful resources on how families can manage the impact of home isolation and tips on looking after the family’s mental wellbeing.  In all cases, we encourage everyone to seek medical advice for ongoing symptoms of illness or mental health stresses.

Over the past two years we have provided professional development for our teachers to ensure they can adapt and are ready to continue to teach in a range of modes, whether that be face to face, fully online or a mixture of both. 

All our staff and volunteers are required to adhere to this COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policy and Procedure.

If you have any questions please contact the main office on 9298 9100, or email the College’s COVID-19 email.

Latest College Updates

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Further Information

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