Frequently asked questions

How will the timetable be structured? 

Kindy-Year 5: Learning experiences will be made available through email to parents however there will not be a formal timetable. 

Years 6-12: From Monday to Thursday, 8:55am-3:15pm, students follow a normal timetable with no homeroom. On Fridays, there will be an extended homeroom from 8.40am to 9.10am followed by normal Friday timetable.


When will attendance be recorded? 

Kindy-Year 5: As there is no formal timetable, and due to the age of DC students, correspondence is sent to parents.  Therefore, students will be marked as present unless notification is received by the College.

Years 6-12: Attendance will be taken at the start of every period and collated at the end of each day.


What do I do if my child is sick and/or absent all day?

All students: Absentee forms can be lodged through the SEQTA Engage homepage or by emailing for Kindy to Year 5 or for Years 6-12.


What online platforms will be used? 

Kindy-Year 5: Each family will receive an email from their classroom teacher with details of learning experiences and resources – where applicable.  Work and activities completed by the students should be emailed back to the classroom teacher who will respond with feedback, guidance and advice.

Years 6-12: Teachers will deliver online lessons through SEQTA Learn. It is essential that students and parents can access SEQTA Learn and Engage.


What assessments will be taking place? 

Kindy-Year 5: Classroom teachers will be able to make an on-balance judgement of student learning based on a suite of evidence returned e.g. work samples and photographs.

Years 6-12: A range of modified assessment tasks will be set as per the relevant syllabus. Students will be advised by individual teachers about the required mode for submitting work. Feedback will be provided through SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage.


What forms of communication will be used with students and their families?

Kindy-Year 5: Emails will be the primary method of communication.

Years 6-12: SEQTA Direqt Messages are the primary and preferred mode of contact. Emails may also be used.


Will there be pastoral care for students?

Yes – the pastoral care of our students continues to be a priority.

Kindy- Year 5: Parents will be able to maintain contact with their child’s teacher, initially by email, to discuss the progress and wellbeing of their child.

Years 6-12: Students will be encouraged to engage with their teachers during every lesson through Direqt Message and email. Each Friday there will be an extended homeroom when homeroom teachers will check on the progress and wellbeing of students.


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