Sporting Groups

The Helena Sporting and Cultural Association (HS&CA) is a group dedicated to the promotion of sports and cultural pursuits for students within the College and within the local community.

The two groups currently operating under the association are Helena Hornets (netball) and Helena Basketball. Interest from other sporting or cultural community groups is encouraged.


Chairperson: Justin Pitt

Deputy Chairperson: Joe Kendall

Secretary: Sue Wallace

Treasurer: Karen Adams

Public Officer: Karen Adams

Committee members: Robyn Smart, Sherene Strahan, Ian Lyons

Helena Hornets: Amanda Stevenson

Helena Basketball: Stewart Luxton


The association meets annually with the latest AGM held on Wednesday, 27 March 2019. The minutes will be available shortly.

One of the items on the agenda at the 2019 AGM was the release of the HS&CA Draft Constitution to replace the current constitution. The constitution has been updated in accordance with the modern rules and the requirement for the association to update its constitution prior to 1 July 2019.

The draft constitution is now available for consultation and any comments can be forwarded to Justin Pitt, Chair of Helena Sporting and Cultural Association.

Following the 30 day consultation period, a Special Meeting will be held to ratify the updated constitution and for sporting clubs within the association to present their reports on their year’s activities.

Draft Constitution – Helena Sporting Cultural Assn Inc

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