At Helena College, we value language learning. As the world moves towards a more globalised community, the ability to communicate in a variety of modes, in more than one language is essential. At the heart of an international education is language learning, and the promotion of intercultural understanding.

‘The study of additional languages in the Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides students with the opportunity to develop insights into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture, and to realize that there are diverse ways of living, viewing and behaving in the world.’        Quote from

At Helena we offer students the choice of either a European Language (French) or an Asian language (Indonesian) in Years 6-10. Students may also continue their language studies in Years 11-12 via WACE courses in French or Indonesian.

Why Indonesian?

  • Indonesia is regionally important to Australia for trade, business, defense, and tourism.
  • The College has already established links with the John Fawcett Foundation in Bali.
  • Gamelan is part of our music and cultural programme.
  • Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours.
  • Introduces students to a diverse range of cultural groups throughout the archipelago.
  • The College has student exchange links with Bali.

Why French?

  • French is a principal European language.
  • French is spoken across the world in many African and Pacific Rim countries and parts of Canada.
  • French culture is part of our cultural and historical landscape.

Helena College prides itself on the collaborative approach to teaching and learning another language. We believe that strong language pathways are essential to maintaining a progressive and challenging language programme, throughout a child’s education.

Language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development and cultural identity, and provides an intellectual framework to support conceptual development.

For further information about Languages at Helena please contact Ibu Horne, Head of Department – Languages.