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Fish tostada with pineapple salsa ~ pork belly with cauliflower purée ~ Zumbo’s V8 cake 

The menu at a stylish city restaurant? No, these dishes are from a dinner planned, created and served by our Year 12 Food Science and Technology students.

The students were cooking for the August meeting of the Helena College Council. It’s been one of the final assessment tasks for the past nine years.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the staff and students who worked together to produce a restaurant quality meal… I was filled with pride at the efforts of all involved in presenting a display of work that only comes from motivated and engaged students, led by skilled and dedicated staff.

Ian Lyons, College Principal

 Guided by teacher Matt Zarb and his FST team, the students took full responsibility for this project from conception to delivery. Four of the 18 were appointed as head chefs to provide leadership and reinforce accountability.

The menu was chosen after a process of negotiation and recipe trials. At least some of the dishes had to include elements of food preservation (pickling, smoking, dried elements), which was the theme of the assignment.

 Giving responsibility for the council dinner teaches real-life skills that put them in front of an audience – and that matters. They learn creative problem solving, communication, planning skills and that if something goes wrong, no one will come in and save them because no one else knows what’s going on.

Matt Zarb, FST Teacher

 The response from the council members was that the students had excelled in providing a three-course meal that was innovative, delicious and beautifully presented. For the students themselves, there was no better result than to see the food they had envisioned and then produced being enjoyed by diners. Their teacher and ultimate head chef, Mr Zarb has no doubt they achieved their goal.

On reflection, they look back at what they have achieved satisfied, and if it makes them think ‘I’m pretty good at this’, I’m more than happy. 

Congratulations to the students:

Nikki Andreou, Jade Chatfield, Rose Dowinton, Abbey Dunne, Euan Gleeson-Brown, Hannah Goodley, Emily Harris, Darcy Hillman, Jess Lucas, Olivia Marshall, Zali Masetti, Sule McCraies, Josh McEwan, Jeana Pritchard, Kira Vallelonga, Jarrod Young, Stefan Zalstrovs and Bec Zardins

Well done to the FST team:

Magdalena Chester, Michelle Venters, Jenna Vermeltfoort and Matt Zarb

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