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Year 10 students put their passions on show in April, in the annual exhibition of personal projects at the Glen Forrest Campus. The projects showcase the knowledge, skills and attributes developed by the students during the Middle Years programme (Years 6-10). Seventy eight students have spent the past nine months working on projects that cover a wide range of interests.

Designing and building an Urban Crate (portable study area)

Building an addition to the family home

Researching and writing about family history

Creating artworks based on Alice in Wonderland

Learning to surf

Running an expo for teenage girls

Developing a line of natural skin care products

Breeding edible insects

Creating a furniture selling business

PP Exhibition opening

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While each student is justifiably proud of their final products, the value of the personal project comes through the nine month process from conception to creation. Throughout this time, the students work through four stages: Investigating, Planning, Taking Action and Reflecting. The students document their journey in their Process Journal which is also on show at their individual booths.

The journal is used to inform the student’s 3500 word report, addressing the relevant areas of learning and incorporating elements of their process journal including photographic evidence. It is this report that is used to determine the final mark received for the personal project.

Visitors to the exhibition were impressed, as they have been each year since 2012 when the College first became an IB World School.

Stunning exhibition – talented students! A.Wheeler

Great inspiring work. Very varied with an abundance of ideas. Natasha Cheung

Quite incredible as always. What young people – motivated, inspired, self-directed – can achieve. Joyce Lewis-Affleck

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