Join us for Year 5

Year 5‭ ‬is the final year at our Junior School, Darlington Campus‭ (‬K-5‭) ‬before students move to our Glen Forrest Campus for Years 6-12‭. Across our two Year 5 classes, the focus is on supporting all students in preparing for their secondary school years‭. ‬‬Children have the greatest chance of success in any transition if they are prepared academically‭, ‬socially and emotionally‭.

The Year 5 programme provides:

  • Academic assessment and evaluation of students
  • Individual Learning and Enrichment Programmes for students of all abilities
  • Development of skills in organisation, study habits and self-management to prepare for more challenging schoolwork in later years
  • Introduction to the inquiry-led approach
  • Development of leadership skills through our House Captain and Minister leadership programmes
  • Opportunities to develop and consolidate friendships in a small setting
  • Develop familiarity with the environment and staff at the Glen Forrest Campus through sporting and other experiences.

Enrolling your child for Year 5 also guarantees entry to Year 6 at the Senior School, Glen Forrest Campus. To find out more contact our enrolments coordinator on 9298 9100 or by email.


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