Junior School Camps

At Helena College we believe that even our youngest students are ready for the personal growth and independence that develops through the camps experience.

That’s why we start our whole school camps programme in Pre-primary with an overnight sleepover at Helena House Hall, in the school grounds. From there students go on camp every year, each building on the personal and academic growth of the previous year.

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It is widely recognised that there are many benefits to a structured school camps programme, which provides the experiences children need in today’s technologically driven world.

Appropriate risk-taking  – on camp, children are in an environment that encourages and supports their ability to take appropriate risks and set achievable goals. These skills help children grow into successful adults.

Increased creativity – camps encourage imagination as children work out how to win the cleanest room award, create an amazing skit for the talent show or make it across the creek without getting wet feet.

Positive role models – spending time with others away from home gives children the chance to observe positive behaviour from College staff and from each other, as well as acting as role models themselves.

Giving children the opportunity to attend a camp is one of the best gifts you can give. When they come home they will have more self-confidence and you will notice progress in the maturity process.

Year level





Helena House Hall, Darlington Campus


Overnight  Term Four Making fruit kebabs, pizzas and placemats; Perth lights and star gazing; language activity and free outside play.
Year 1 Point Peron Camp School, Rockingham 2 days/1 night

Term Four

Stargazing, movie night and beachcombing
Year 2 Kerem Adventure Camp, Bullsbrook 2 days/1 night Term Three Low ropes, flying fox, mini-golf, games, indoor rock climbing and giant swing
Year 3 Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra


2 days/1 night  Term Three Reptile Park, archery, history walk and challenge, team-building exercises, beachcombing, team games, flying fox, vertical challenge, movie night, historical places of interest.
Year 4 Bickley Recreation Camp, Orange Grove

Ern Halliday Recreation Camp, Hillarys

3 days/2 nights

Term Two

AQWA visit, archery, caving, flying fox and roping (big swing, crate climb, rock climbing and vertical ascent)
Year 5 Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra 4 days/3 nights

Term Three

Bush survival, snake and lizard encounter, flying fox and team-building challenges.
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