All students feel empowered and valued when they are included in the decision-making process at school. Calling upon young people to assume roles of responsibility within daily school life demonstrates that age is no barrier to making a difference through active citizenship. The Junior School offers a broad range of leadership experiences for our students.

In Year 5, the leadership programme is part of the Term One Unit of Inquiry into Australian systems of government. Following an excursion to Parliament House and the Electoral Commission, the students run their own campaigns seeking election as Junior School House Captains. On Voting Day, students from Years 1-5 vote in authentic polling conditions to elect their preferred candidate. In addition, Year 5 students are elected to a variety of Ministerial roles, including Ministers for Sport, Transport or the Environment.

For students in Years 3-4, the Aussie of the Month programme acknowledges the importance of quality leadership and role-modelling in the younger years. Each month, one student each from Year 3 and Year 4 are recognised for their personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community.

Community Partnerships

Helena parents make a valued contribution to school and community life through our active and enthusiastic Parents’ and Friends’ Association, as well as through volunteering to help with classroom activities, excursions and special events.

As well, we encourage beneficial partnerships with other education and training institutions, local businesses and community organisations.

Some of these have included:

  • Alternatives to Violence Project – Years 4-5 students participate in workshops run by trained community facilitators
  • Friends of Darlington Station – students worked with this volunteer group to plant trees throughout the Waabiny Hill redevelopment project
  • Men’s Shed Mundaring – volunteers sculpted a jarrah goanna for Waabiny Hill
  • South West Noongar Land and Sea Council – supported the use of Noongar Language in the naming of Waabiny Hill
  • Darlington Arts Festival – students make a significant contribution to this iconic community event, as performers, visual artists and volunteers at fundraising stalls

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