Helena College adopts new learning goals

Helena College has adopted a new set of Learning Goals for all its students from Kindergarten to Year 12. These are the outcome of a year-long engagement process, and part of the first year of implementing the College’s current three-year Strategic Plan. They aim to inform a review of our teaching and learning practices.

Principal Peter Coombs said: “Key to the success of any large organisation is a shared purpose among all the stakeholders who form the community which supports and is supported by the organisation. This is particularly true of a K-12 school such as Helena College. With our diverse population of students, teachers, support staff, parents and community partners, a common understanding of our direction and purpose is vital for us to remain focused on our objectives.

“The goals for our College are outlined in our Guiding Statements which provide the foundation for our purpose as a K-12 school. These include our Vision, Mission, and Values.

“This year we also asked ourselves what it means to be a Helena student. A key aspect of this process has been to engage with students, staff and families from across the College to develop a new set of School-wide Learning Goals for all students. These goals describe the learning outcomes we want for all Helena students, both while they are with us at school and for their lives beyond the College.

We’re proud to announce Helena College students are:

Successful Learners

Helena College students drive their own learning, aiming for personal success through the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. 

Skilled Problem Solvers

Helena College students are critical and creative thinkers who respond to challenges with original ideas and solve problems through inquiry and action. 

Effective Communicators

Helena College students use personal and digital modes of communication to share ideas and connect with others. 

Engaged Citizens

Helena College students are inclusive and appreciate the importance of wellbeing while caring for themselves, others and their environment. 

Confident Individuals

Helena College students believe in themselves, show initiative, embrace opportunities for growth and demonstrate resilience when faced with challenges.

These learning goals now join our Vision, Mission and Values as Guiding Statements for our school in order to provide a common language, direction and purpose for our community about what it means to be a Helena College student. 

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