Senior French students shine in state exams

Congratulations to two of our senior French students who have been advised they will be awarded with prizes after the recently held state-wide Alliance Francaise examinations.

Olivia Hanly was recognised with the Best Writing Award for a Year 12 student and Odette Leciezio in Year 11, placed second overall with her exam performance.

The pair were selected as part of 20 successful candidates, (from more than 300 across WA in each year group) for the September oral exams after performing well at the initial written exams, held on 3 August.

In the exam they had to pick a question and spend four minutes talking on the topic. For the second part, they had to engage in conversation with an examiner who questions them on various topics related to the curriculum, for another four minutes.

They have both been invited to attend the Alliance Francaise Prize Giving Ceremony on Friday 29 October.

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