Wakakirri rehearsals underway for 2021 performance

Ninety-five of our students from Years 3 to 6 form the cast for this year’s Wakakirri performance team.

Rehearsals for the 2021 event, to be held in Term 3 have already started with weekly get togethers after school at the Glen Forrest Campus gymnasium. Year 5 teacher and programme leader, Miss Adriana Martino said: “This year’s performance is already shaping up to be one of the school’s best with the theme ‘Reef Rescue’, which tells the story of coral bleaching on our Coral Reefs.

“The story conveys the important message of creating a more energy efficient world, by reducing carbon emissions and minimising the use of fossil fuels.”

Each year students in Years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to participate in Wakakirri, a performance by a group of students that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dancing, creative movement and acting to pre-recorded music.

Without a concert held in 2020, students are very much looking forward to showcasing their performance at the Perth Concert Hall in August.

In 2019, Helena College was awarded the state winner for Western Australia with their performance Sugar Wars. This performance showed the way in which sugar negatively impacts children’s mental, physical and psychological development whilst promoting a more healthy lifestyle.

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