World famous astrophysicist visits

One of Australia’s leading scientists on black holes and cosmology visited the College this term and gave an amazing presentation to Year 11 and 12 students.

The visit by astrophysicist Dr Brad Tucker was organised by the College’s Head of Science, Geoff Quinton, who is also President of the Australian Science Teachers Association.

Dr Tucker speaks all around the world and gets people excited about the universe. Our students were no different.

I thought that the presentations by both Dr Brad Tucker and his PhD student were utterly amazing, it was so interesting and mind blowing to listen to. He was very engaging and interactive and spoke to us with such enthusiasm and intelligence that everyone was captivated. He inspired me to think about my future studies at university and the possibilities of astrophysics. Kate Smith

Brad’s talk was very interesting and it was very enjoyable. He was very easy to listen to, and talked in a way that made it easy to understand what he was talking about. Ryan Kertesz

Brad Tucker was an amazing speaker and he really challenged my thinking allowing me to broaden my thoughts. Lachlan White

It was a very fun, enjoyable, interesting, and a little confusing at times. I am very grateful that Brad and Ryan (Ridden-Harper, PhD student) came to the school and were able to share their knowledge with me and my friends. Lathan Webb

The talk was absolutely incredible. It was inspiring, interesting and a little bit confusing/mind blowing! (but in a good way). Jordyn Hullett

As a Year 11 student studying ATAR physics, I thought his speech was amazing. He gave us theories on time travel, the universe, multiverse theory, space travel and black holes. It was honestly incredible how he managed to capture the attention of everyone in attendance and explain quantum physics in an easy way to understand.I know I want to go to university and go into engineering, however listening to Dr Tucker made me think of more options. Aimee Plant

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