Year 5 elections give students leadership experience

In the final week of Term One, our Year 5s prepared themselves for student elections after undertaking a unit of inquiry around Australian systems of government.

Following an excursion to Parliament House and the WA Electoral Commission, and as the most senior students at Darlington Campus, they ran their own campaigns to elect House Captains and Ministers.

Posters seen around campus were fresh and colourful, promoting important traits everyone wants to see in a leader like organisation skills, trustworthiness, honesty, good listening and caring nature.

The pre-election speeches were impressive with many interesting and persuasive techniques used to influence the young and impressionable audience, including rhetorical questions, repetition of key messages, admitting to imperfections, sharing personal stories, expressive hand gestures and foot-stomping, and even wearing sparkly hat tactics were employed. On election day, the polling booths were busy with all Year 1 to 5s eligible to vote.

Huge congratulations to the elected House Captains and Ministers and good luck delivering on your promises over the year ahead. You are on your way to fulfilling your leadership potential.

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