Year 5 Leaders 2020

Introducing our 2020 Year 5 Student Leadership team, made up of eighteen Ministers and six House Captains.

The House Captains were elected by their peers, with students from Years 1-5 eager to have their say at the (authentic) ballot box after hearing the campaign speeches the day before. A record number of students stood for election this year and we would like to congratulate everyone who chose to ‘have a go’, participating in the speech and election process. While they may not have been elected as a House Captain, they will no doubt have gained valuable experience through the process.

The House Captains are joined by Ministers covering a range of portfolios including Environment, Sport, Technology and Transport. Congratulations to all these new leaders.

Sincere thanks to Year 5 teachers Miss Martino and Mr Cumming for their tremendous efforts in making this such a rich learning experience for all the Year 5 students.

The College is very proud of the Year 5 leadership programme which continues to play a significant part in the academic year.

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