Year 10 Peer Support Leaders 2020

The mission of the Year 10 Peer Support Programme is to develop young leaders who are involved in supporting the transition of new students into the Glen Forrest Campus (6-12)

The programme begins at the end of Year 9 when students are invited to apply to be trained as peer support leaders at a two-day camp held in Term Four.

When asked why they would like to be a Peer Support Leader,  the applicants often reflect on how they enjoyed the engagement with Peer Support Leaders when they started at the College. They talk about how it helped them to make friends in their year group and to feel more confident at high school in the knowledge that at least two of the big kids were their friends.

The fact that so many recipients of the programme want to give back attests to its success and to the promotion of service as action through the IB Middle Years Programme. It is heartening that at 14 or 15 years of age, our students already understand that leadership is about service.

Our 2020 Peer Support Leaders have been supportive, reliable, enthusiastic and great role models for their Year 6 charges. From their welcoming icebreaker games on Orientation Day 2018 through to their consistency in preparing and presenting weekly activities designed to build resilient Year 6 students during Term One, we have been incredibly proud of our team. We have delighted in watching their leadership skills and confidence grow during this time. The College community is grateful for their important contribution to our transition programme.

Formal photo of 24 high school students


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