MS Curriculum

All students take the following core subjects from Year 6 until they make their WACE course selections for Years 11-12.  In addition to the core subjects, students undertake a variety of courses in Years 6-8 before being able to choose their electives in Year 9. Year 10 students also take electives – visit the Year 10 page to find out more.

Year 6-10 Core Subjects

  • Digital Technology
  • Humanities
  • Language Acquisition (Indonesian or French)
  • Language and Literature
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Year 6-7 Rotation Subjects

Students do one semester (two terms) of each subject.

  • Drama
  • Food Technology
  • Innovation
  • Media and Film
  • Music
  • Visual Art

Year 8 Rotation Subjects

  • Design Engineering
  • Drama
  • Food Technology
  • Media and Film
  • Music
  • Visual Art

Year 9 Electives

Students may choose THREE electives but must have at least one Arts and one Technology elective.  All Year 9s also do Outdoor Experiences for one semester, which culminates in a three-day hike. Electives choices may vary from year to year.

2021 Arts Electives



Media and Film

Music for Musicians

Popular Music

Visual Art

2021 Technology Electives

Digital Photography

Digital Technology

Dimensional Design

Engineering Studies

Food Technology




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