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The music programme at Helena College caters for students who are new to music (General Music) and for those with some musical experience or interest (Music Pathway).

Students in General Music learn to appreciate a range of musical styles at an introductory level and are less focused on music theory. Students who are already learning a musical instrument, or who would like to, can choose the Music Pathway – a more specialised course that nurtures musical interest and encourages involvement in the school music programme.

Students may also participate in the Instrumental Development Programme, which enables individual music lessons to be taken at school at an additional cost. Any student who is learning a musical instrument, either with the IDP or outside school, is eligible to join one of our music ensembles.

Each year there are opportunities for our students to perform at our spring and autumn concerts, soirees for soloists and the Inter-house Music Carnival. Our music camp held every two years brings together students from all year levels for an inspirational programme of events that ends with a showcase of talent.

Students also learn the Gamelan in Middle School, and Helena College is one of only a few schools in the world outside Bali that has a full Balinese gamelan orchestra. Our students approach each Gamelan lesson with enthusiasm and develop an impressive level of skills, as demonstrated at the Gamelan performance evening in Term One.

For information about individual tutors please see our TUTORS page. For information on the music development programme at the Glen Forrest Campus contact Ruth Gallagher, Music administrator.



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