MS Camps

Camps are an integral part of our learning programme, providing age-appropriate challenges that enhance resilience and personal growth. Our camps programme is integrated with the core learning experiences and structured so that each builds on the personal and academic growth of the previous year.

The underlying focus is on developing independence, self-awareness, resilience and teamwork. Almost all camps are fully catered and in dormitory-style accommodation, with the exception of the Year 9 and Year 10 expeditions.

Middle School Camps (Years 6-9)

Year 63 daysWoodman Point Recreation Camp, Munster20-22 Feb
Year 75 daysManjedal Activities Centre, Karrakup8-12 April
Year 85 daysCamp Quaranup, Albany11-15 March
Year 95 daysNanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup23-27 Sept
Year 9 - Outdoor Experiences Expeditions3 daysLane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup3-5 April, Group 1
23-25 Oct, Group 2

At the Glen Forrest Campus (6-12), there are also camps for specific subjects and interests such as the Politics and Law trip to Canberra, Year 11-12 Outdoor Education expeditions, overseas language and cultural trips, and music camp.

For more information about the College’s Camps Programme contact Bob Simpson, Deputy Principal – Curriculum.

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