Outstanding Results

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Helena College students achieved outstanding results in their WACE exams.

Three Helena students were in the top three per cent in the state with an ATAR greater than 97.

Nineteen students were in the top ten per cent with an ATAR over 90.

The median ATAR was 80.3 and the WACE was achieved by 96 per cent of students which is yet again higher than the state average of 91.6 per cent.

Eight Helena College students were awarded a WACE Subject Certificate of Distinction and ten students received the WACE Certificate of Merit. These awards recognise individual commitment; they are based on course marks and grades throughout the final two years of schooling.

Finally, we are pleased to note 84 per cent of our students who applied for university entry were offered their first preference.

These highly commendable results are particularly pleasing in light of Helena’s enrolment policy where students are not selected on academic ability. It is a matter of pride for the College that financial resources are available for all students and not directed to academic scholarships for the elite few.

We are proud to continue our policy of enabling every student who wishes to undertake an ATAR course to do so, despite a changing educational climate around this approach.

Among the Class of 2018, we also acknowledge the achievements of our non-ATAR students many of whom have been offered places in selective courses at TAFE. As the year progresses, we look forward to hearing from our graduates who have moved into the workplace, many taking up apprenticeships.

Congratulations to the 2018 Helena College Graduates, their teachers and their families. We acknowledge that achievement requires a committed partnership between all parties and we thank everyone involved in these excellent results.

Ian Lyons, Principal



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