Peer Support

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Our Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have been commended for the support and encouragement they have given to the Year 6 students during their transition into the senior campus.

Every Friday morning in Term One, small groups of Year 6s met with their assigned leaders for focused activities and games that help the younger students to settle in, establish friendships and build skills to help with the challenges of high school.

The College’s Peer Support Programme is evidence-based and structured around the development of resilience in the Year 6 students, who are encouraged to see how their thoughts can influence the way they respond to different experiences.

The older students attend a two-day training camp to enrich their leadership skills, prior to taking on their peer support responsibilities.

At the conclusion of the programme once again, Year 6 students hosted morning tea to thank the Year 10s, and express their appreciation for the care, commitment and compassion showed during the Term One programme.

The friendly and supportive relationship between new students and their peer support leaders lasts well beyond the duration of the programme itself. Each year at the Year 12 Final assembly in November, a few tears are shed as students farewell peer support leaders from their own first year at Helena College.

In Term Four, the current Year 9 students will be invited to apply for one of the prized peer support leader positions. After their training camp, they will be on hand to welcome the incoming students for 2018 at the Orientation Day later this year.





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