Senior camps

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Rock climbing, sailing, archery, abseiling, flying fox, geocaching, high ropes…


These are just some of the activities enjoyed by students during camps in Semester One.

Our students attend at least one camp every year, starting with a Pre-primary sleepover and concluding with a Rottnest Retreat in Year 12. The camps programme aims to grow our students through age appropriate challenges and is an integral element of the learning experience at Helena.

Year 6, Term One

The Year 6 camp at Woodman Point focused on the concept of challenge, giving students the chance to extend themselves personally, socially and physically. During the day, the range of activities included rock climbing, flying fox, orienteering, archery and ice skating. At night the students enjoyed a quiz night, drawing activities and party games, with spotlight session

The students also made the most of the setting, learning about the history of the quarantine station that was originally on the site and enjoying trips to the nearby beach. The Year 6 camp is an important opportunity for students to begin forming bonds with their peers and their new teachers.

I really enjoyed the different activities we were offered. I loved going to the beach and learning the lifesaving terms… I also found it helped me meet new friends and talk to people I haven’t chatted with.

Year 7, Term One

The Year 7 camp at the Manjedal Activities Centre near Byford had a focus on sustainability, self-management and fostering respect for self, others and the environment. Over the five days the students completed outdoor education inspired tasks including a giant swing, vertical challenge, crate climb, geo-caching, compass course, MAC points, Frisbee golf and a high ropes course.

In the afternoon and evening, passive activities reflected the camp theme with a ‘crafter-noon’, sustainability themed board games, illustration and mindful origami.

The camp was a great opportunity to try new things, conquer our fears and get to know new friends. We got to know the teachers a little better and we had a really good time. I can’t wait to go on my next camp.

Year 8, Term One

Historic Camp Quaranup was both backdrop and living quarters for the five-day Year 8 camp, with activities that linked to most school subjects particularly Language and Literature, and Individuals and Societies. Students learned the history of the region with visits to the National Anzac Centre and the Discovery Centre as well as a guided walk of Camp Quaranup. Other camp activities included sailing catamarans on the Princess Sound, making and flying kites, go-karting and geocaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed camp as it taught me many different things. My favourite activities were playing on the rocks, meals, go-karting, the costume-making game and the quiz.

Year 9, Term Two

In May, Year 9 students travelled to Dwellingup for their Nanga Bush Camp. This camp is most often cited by graduating students as their personal favourite.

At Nanga students are asked to confront their own insecurities, step out their comfort zone and face challenges. They work individually and within groups on activities that include juggling, team activities, canoeing, abseiling and an adventure challenge.

Students also have to reach outside their friendship groups and work with those they might not have worked with before. This allows them to see the skills and abilities of all those around them and also create some new friendships.

Year 11, Term One

The Margaret River camp is a significant event for our Year 11 students, designed to support the students as they prepare for the greater demands of the senior years and ultimately the transition into adulthood.

There is strong evidence that achievement is related to self-esteem, interpersonal skills and the ability to work within a team; the varied activities on this camp were aimed at further developing these qualities in all students.

So many challenges, so scary. I feel nerves of steel setting in now. I am fearless – I have been on a Year 11 camp.

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