Tanzania Trip

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In December 2017, 12 students along with two teachers (Mr Bob Simpson and Ms Anne-Marie Lee) and a World Challenge leader flew out of Perth for the adventure of a lifetime, on the World Challenge Tanzania expedition.

Their month away included a three-day community project as well as a three-day visit to the School of St Jude. The group tested themselves physically and mentally in not one but two mountain ascents: Mt Meru and Mt Kilimanjaro, respectively the fifth highest and the highest mountains in Africa. They also had two wildlife safaris to Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Click the image to view the gallery of photos.

On their return, the students and their families presented the teachers and tour leader with signed copies of their group photo from the trip. It was an acknowledgement of the work that goes into making such an expedition possible.

‘On behalf of the families, we would love to say a million times thank you to Gary Kingston (World Challenge) Bob Simpson and Anne-Marie Lee (teachers), who took our kids on a once in a lifetime opportunity. They were there for the students very best, worst and challenging moments, helped build their resilience… we will be forever grateful for the memories and life experiences they helped create for our children. Thank you also to Helena, for encouraging and allowing the students the opportunity to be part of something so incredibly valuable. This was certainly an experience that is well beyond what any textbook could ever teach.’

Zdenka Hercik-Saul, Parent


2012 – Nepal

2014 Nepal 

2016 Tanzania 

2016 Cambodia/Vietnam 

It was without a doubt the single most challenging and rewarding trip I have ever experienced.’

Caitlin Hagdorn (2012 Nepal Expedition)

World Challenge Programme

For the past five years, a number of Helena students have been involved in World Challenge expeditions. The expeditions are the culmination of a programme run by World Challenge, designed to develop life and leadership skills in the participants. Prior to heading overseas, the students learn about fundraising, team building, planning their own trip and managing their money.

Once overseas, the expedition is designed to be student-led, although two teachers and experienced World Challenge leaders travel with the group. Throughout the training period, the students have been empowered with the skills to make decisions and take action; whilst on the trip, they are given the opportunity to do so.

In country, there are four phases: Acclimatisation, to introduce the group to the region; Trekking, with a challenging, multi-day goal; Project, when students give back to the local community through volunteer work; and Rest and Relaxation, enjoying the unique features of their chosen country.




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