Year 5

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For Year 5s, it has been a big year of camps, cooking, laptops, building friendships and learning – about themselves and about the world. And we are only just half way through!

Twenty-one students started at Helena in Term One to join the second Year 5 class. They were quickly embraced by the tight knit Helena community.

She goes to school happily, and comes home happily; what more can we want? 

Year 5 camp – the students gained so much from spending four days at the Ern Halliday centre in June. Our camps programme helps develop confident, well rounded students and this was evident among all the Year 5s. For some, it was their sixth Helena camp while for others, it was their first school camp. But the outcome was the same for all – lots of fun, bonding and personal growth.

Cooking – the Year 5s have loved working in the purpose-built kitchen alongside volunteer parents and grandparents to learn kitchen safety, hygiene and of course, cooking skills.

Leadership –  The leadership programme has two arms this year: House Captains and Ministers. This arose out of the Term One Unit of Inquiry into Australian systems of government. Based on what they learned through the inquiry, students ran election campaigns for the House Captain positions, and as a class, voted for Ministers in roles such as Education, Sport, Environment and Health. For the students, one of the highlights is receiving and wearing their Year 5 Leaders jackets.

Learning – From the start of the year, teachers and support staff have worked closely with the children and their parents to determine the needs of each child. Where required, students have differentiated learning programmes that are based on these initial and ongoing assessments in literacy and numeracy. The learning is inquiry based, with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme providing the framework for the learning outcomes of the Western Australian curriculum.

Glen Forrest Campus – regular visits to our high school campus are a big part of the Year 5 experience and the students have already begun to spend time with the teachers, students and surroundings that will be part of their school ‘home’ next year.

As well, all students are enjoying their specialist classes in Health & PE, Performing Arts, Indonesian, Computing and Library. Through the Electives Programme, they are also choosing from classes in Pottery, Art, Drama, Move It, Classical Ballet, Jazz Ballet, Computing, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Zen Do Kai and Tai Kwon Do.

Changing schools is such a big deal and we have spent countless hours wondering if we have made the right decision. However, after just a few days at Helena, we felt nothing but relief at seeing how well our daughter was adjusting.

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