College logo

The Helena College logo is designed to reflect the bushland setting that provides both a home to our dual campuses, and a narrative for our College culture.

Tall trees at each campus are a visual reminder each day of our concern for our environment, and for the uniqueness and value of each individual.

Differences between us become things to be treasured, as the richness in variety of trees in the forest.

The stream passes through the forest, speaking to us of change and the flow of seasons, as well as giving us the symbol of life.

As water is essential for all living things, so without the spirit of inspiration and growth, the forest, and our community, loses life.

A path winding between the rocks is a symbol of solid foundations, as well as hurdles and challenges along the way.

Perhaps this is the path that confronts each one of us as we journey through life, a path travelled by small and tall, young and old.

It may be that we can share the time we are in the Helena community as a journey together along that path.

The College motto, Bringing out the best together,

epitomises the shared journey of students, parents and staff.


HC logo and text

The original logo was designed by Ian Hill, in 1973.

The logo was revised for digital reproduction by Steve Castledine of Castledine + Castledine in 2003.


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