Stepping up to Year 6 and beyond

At Helena School's Glen Forrest Campus, our students in Years 6 to 12 participate in an inclusive culture that values care, respect, compassion, integrity and responsibility. They are supported by highly skilled and professional staff in class and through extra-curricular programs, designed to meet the academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs of all students through our whole child, inquiry-based approach.

From that very first enrolment interview until the final days of Year 12, students are at the centre of each decision we make.
— Justin Pitt, Head of Senior Campus

The Western Australian Curriculum determines what our students learn. The way our students learn is through an inquiry-based approach to student learning, and teaching for conceptual understanding. This includes explicit teaching of knowledge and skills. Teachers create lessons with a focus on inquiry and choice for students about their learning, where appropriate. Projects, learning activities and experiences, and creating connections to overarching concepts all form part of the approach. We aim to provide transparency for students and parents about a student’s performance, including specific feedback about their learning.  Find out more. 

Students are supported by highly skilled and professional staff in class, and through extra-curricular programs. As students progress through the Middle School (Years 6 to 9) and move to Upper School (Years 10 to 12) the number of electives and course options expands, offering plenty of choice to suit the individual needs of each student. As with all schools, the level of academic rigour increases as they work through the curriculum, all the while supported with a strong wellbeing framework, focused on developing the whole child. Success looks different for everyone, and the programs on offer at Helena College ensure students have the opportunity to thrive and shine in their own way.

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