Expanding horizons

Helena College's balanced approach ensures that a variety of opportunities are provided for students to explore new pastimes or build on existing interests, both in and outside of the classroom. Homework and study groups are also available for those keen to build on classroom learning. Activities can take place before or after school, as well as selected lunch times.


Teaching staff at the Glen Forrest Campus (Years 6 to 12) provide regular homework and study clubs, with some focusing on specific learning areas, and others on general help and support.  The homework and study clubs offer the opportunity to do revision, build on classroom learning, get assistance with a concept they may be struggling with, work on projects and assignments, or simply focus on building good study habits. 

In addition, some students may be invited to get involved in interschool academic challenges, such as Tournament of Minds or the Da Vinci Decathlon. 


Amongst the offerings available to students in Senior School are Art, Gaming, First Lego League, Robocup, Engineering Makerspace and Wellbeing. Options vary each term.  In Junior School, a lunch time Coding Club adds to the many options available through the Junior School Electives program.

Community Service

All community service programs at Helena College encourage the development of leadership skills, social responsibility and citizenship. The programs allow students to participate in an activity that will contribute to making their local or global community a better place.


Students with a passion for the stage - whether it be behind the scenes or in the spotlight - can get involved in the College's drama productions. Every second year, all students from Years 6 to 12 are invited to be a part of a musical production in some way: acting, singing, dancing, wardrobe and make up, and lighting and sound. In the alternate year, students in Years 6 to 9 can sign up to do a smaller scale production.

Drama is one of the options available to Junior School students through the Electives program.

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is an internationally recognised youth development program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development. Participation is entirely voluntary, individual and is structured so the young people can design their own unique program centred around their interests and passions.

House Groups

All students at Helena College are allocated to one of three House groups (also known at some schools as factions): Cardan, Kiara and Waughul. In addition for forming the basis of homeroom allocations in Senior School, the focus of the House groups is on building camaraderie between students of all ages and across year groups, and occasionally a bit of friendly competition. The Interhouse activities each year include a number of Carnivals: Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country and Music.  

Junior School Electives

The Electives Program available at our Junior School is unique – giving our students access to a range of activities that they would normally only get to experience outside the school environment. Find out more.


It is widely accepted that schools play an important part in encouraging and developing student leadership capabilities. Through our leadership programs across many year levels, we support our students to develop a sense of vision and purpose for their own community, whether it is at the classroom or campus level or in the wider society.

Through having a voice and taking action, our students put into practice the College values of integrity, responsibility and participation.

Junior School - Years 3 to 5

The Years 3-4 Aussies of the Month program recognises the personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community by a student in Year 3 and Year 4 each month. The program acknowledges the importance of quality leadership and role-modelling in the younger years and is an ideal springboard for the upcoming leadership roles in Year 5.

The Year 5 Leadership Program is part of the Year 5 Term 1 Unit of Inquiry into Australian systems of government. Following an excursion to Parliament House and the Electoral Commission, the students run their own campaigns seeking election as Junior School House Captains. On Voting Day, students from Years 1 to 5 vote in authentic polling conditions to elect their preferred candidates. In addition, Year 5 students are elected to a variety of Ministerial roles, including Ministers for Sport, Transport and the Environment.

Senior School - Years 6 to 9

From the beginning their Senior School journey,  Year 6 students learn the value of leadership and of taking action for the benefit of their own community. In Term 1, following election speeches and peer voting, the first six students are chosen to form the leadership group. Each term, they are joined by another six students to make 24 in total by Term 4.

Senior School - Years 10 to 12

The Peer Support Leaders program begins at the end of Year 9 when students are invited to apply to be trained as peer support leaders at a two-day camp held in Term 4. Selected students facilitate the peer support activities with the incoming Years 6 students the following year. The purpose of peer support is to support the transition of the new students into Senior School at the Glen Forrest Campus.

Year 12 students are invited to apply for membership of the Student Council, which gives them the opportunity to further develop their own leadership skills whilst also giving back to the College. The Student Council organises various College activities, assemblies and events, supports causes for those in need outside the school and promotes school spirit. These leaders are mentored by senior staff throughout the year.


The Library at our Glen Forrest Campus offers extended hours, as well as lunch time sessions, to allow students to access the many resources available in support of homework and study, or simply read for pleasure. Many of the homework and study groups use the Library spaces for their meetings. In addition, the Library runs a few regular activities including a Round Robin Chess Competition, Boggle Competition and more!

Opening Hours

  • before school from 8.30–8.40 am
  • recess Monday – Thursday
  • lunchtime every day
  • after school from 3.15–4.15 pm (4 pm Fridays)


In addition to the Music lessons offered to Junior School students through the Electives Program, students at our Darlington Campus can also get involved in the College's Choir - a fantastic opportunity to develop their singing skills.

An optional instrumental music program is also available to students in Years 6 to 12. Students can enrol in lessons with specialist music tutors in instruments such as the flute, guitar, cello, violin, viola, piano, trumpet, saxophone or clarinet. Lessons take place during the school day, with a rotating timetable to ensure they don't miss the same class each week.

In addition, the Senior School offers a number of music ensembles for students to participate in, including a String Ensemble and a Rock Band. Students do not need to be learning an instrument through the College to join an ensemble. 


At Helena College, the focus is on participation in sport, and building a love of physical activity. 

Junior School students, along with the Year 6s, participate in primary-level interschool sports competitions such as athletics, swimming and cross country through organisations such as IPSHA. 

Students in Years 7 to 12 in Senior School compete in ACC Carnivals as well as the ACC's NEAS Competition. With basketball, volleyball, netball, soccer, cross country, athletics and swimming teams looking for members, there are plenty of ways to get involved.


If you ask any of our students from Year 3 to 6 what their favourite activity is, a big percentage will immediately tell you that it is Wakakirri! Wakakirri is an interschool story dance competition run at state and national level, and historically, Helena College has done very well.  Training and rehearsals are done at both campuses, with the Year 6s travelling to Darlington in some weeks, and the Years 3 to 5 students coming over to the Glen Forrest Campus at other times.

Community Links

The independently-run Helena Sporting and Cultural Association (HS&CA) is a group dedicated to the promotion of sports and cultural pursuits for students within the College and within the local community. The two groups currently operating under the Association are Helena Hornets (netball) and Helena Basketball. Find out more