Making lunchtimes easier

We know that time is precious in busy families, so for the days where it would be easier, or for an occasional treat, Helena College offers canteen services at both campuses.

The College canteen services operate on a non-profit basis with the help of parent volunteers. The canteens are open five days a week.

The canteen uses the ‘traffic light’ system, classifying food and drinks based on their nutritional value, energy density and levels of saturated fat, added sugar, salt and fibre. Most daily menu choices are based on the core food groups and are predominantly classified ‘Green’, with some classified as ‘Amber’. No ‘Red’ items are sold at Darlington Campus, while a small selection are on offer at Glen Forrest, where students are mature enough to make appropriate choices. 

The College uses the QuickCliq system for online ordering at both Darlington and Glen Forrest.

At the Darlington Campus, no 'over the counter' purchases are available. All items must be ordered online, in advance, or by 8.30am on the day it is required.

At the Glen Forrest students, online ordering is preferred, but over the counter purchases may be made at recess and lunch. It is important to note that the Canteen is cashless, and onsite purchases can only be made by eftpos or through their College Smartrider card. For information on how to set up your child's Smartrider card on Quickcliq for canteen purchases, please download this handy information sheet