The Helena College Playgroup

Helena College welcomes all those with young children, whether they are an enrolled family, Old Helenian, or are from the wider community, to join our friendly and welcoming playgroup. The focus is on play, socialisation, learning, exploration and relationships.

The Playgroup is divided into two sessions, both commencing at 8.45am on Wednesday mornings at our Junior School Campus in Darlington. Children and grownups meet up in our relaxed and fun Kindy room, for an informal session of play, socialising and learning together.  For those with children under three, playgroup ends at 10.20am.  The second part of the morning is aimed at three- and four-year-olds, and is an optional extension of the first session, but focused specifically on the needs of this age group, and concludes at 11.45am.

The tailored programs are designed around the way children learn best – by exploring and inquiring, through free and guided play, and the development of positive relationships.  In the extended session, the older children develop the skills and understandings that smooth their transition into Kindy.  The program is planned and facilitated collaboratively between families and the kindergarten teacher.


There is a semester fee of $20 per family for the first session, and $30 per family for those who attend both sessions, to cover the cost of consumables. Families pay either $20 or $30 - not both.  We offer your first day free of charge to enable families to trial the program before confirming their participation.

2023 Dates and Times

The playgroups take place on Wednesdays during Term time in the Early Learning Centre at the Junior School Campus in Darlington. Parents and carers must stay with their child for the duration of the playgroup session.  The first session (birth to four years old) starts at 8.45am and concludes at 10.20am. It is followed by the optional extended session for three and four-year-olds, which concludes at 11.45am.

You do not need to be an existing member of the Helena community to join in - everyone is welcome. This includes current families, children of Old Helenians, those who have applied for future enrolment at the school, the wider community, as well as families who may opt to enrol their children at another school down the track.