Year 6 Camp

During Term One at Woodman Point camp, students adjusted to Middle School life building their confidence and expanding their social circle. After a swim in the calm waters and frolic on the beach, students extended themselves with archery, flying fox, rock climbing and team sports. In a nod to history, students explored the significance of the former quarantine station. In the evening, classes moved about with yoga, spotlight, dancing and parachute games. It was a tight finish at the quiz night. The camp closed with a session of ice skating.

Davidson Lloyd Year 6 Camp Coordinator

Student Reflections

I liked challenging myself to get to the top in rock climbing. Kieren 

Ice skating gave all the Year 6s a chance to talk to everyone. Stella 

I got a great dorm, had great activities and made more friends. Calum 

I made new friends and I enjoyed the quiz we did in groups. Rivalee 

Flying fox involved taking a risk. I don’t like heights. Lyla 

I liked learning about all the history of the camp because I like to find out what our history was like, and it was very engaging. Charlotte 

Another highlight is when we went to the search and rescue because it involved a lot of teamwork. Alexander B.

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