Middle School (6-9)

Year 6 is our main intake year at our Glen Forrest Campus and the beginning of Middle School (Years 6- 9).

Our Year 6 programme is  designed to meet their academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs through its whole child, inquiry approach. Like all children in WA, our students learn the content of the Western Australian curriculum. Simply put, the Helena College Teaching and Learning Framework is how the children are taught, not what they are taught.

From Middle School Director

As Director of Middle School, a significant part of my role is to ensure that we meet the educational and pastoral care needs of each and every student from Years 6-9. Each year I interview dozens of incoming students and their parents. I often remind the students that they are also ‘interviewing’ us, because they also have a role in ensuring that the ‘fit’ is one that will work for everyone.

From that very first enrolment interview until the final days of Year 9, students are at the centre of each decision we make. Throughout Middle School, students are encouraged to become independent learners who gradually take responsibility for their choices and actions. They are encouraged to respect each other and given the opportunity to develop the necessary social and emotional skills within a caring and inclusive environment.

Pastoral care underpins all relationships within the Middle School. The homeroom in which each student will be placed is carefully chosen to best suit their individual needs. Friendships are forged through these daily gatherings and are further enhanced through our highly regarded Camps Programme. Each year level participates in a camp that is specifically designed to meet the needs of their year group and links back to the classroom. For all learning experiences, our professional and passionate staff work hard to ensure high quality, challenging programmes are designed to stimulate and extend each student.

I am proud to say that our Year 9 students emerge from their Middle School journey as independent learners who are able to set their own goals and challenge themselves in everything they do. They have become resilient young people ready to face the rigours of Upper School. They are ready for the next stage of their journey.

Cathy Light

Director of Middle School



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