Why middle school?

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Other than the years from birth to age three, the middle years, including the transition from primary to secondary school, is now thought to be the most rapidly evolving and critical time in the physical health and emotional development of students.

From 11 years of age, students start to lay the foundations of their future success.

The classroom is where a young person spends a lot of their time and is one of the most opportunistic places to capture the child’s mind as it transitions to more adolescent and adult themes, which shape their opinions and behaviours into the future.

This is a significant period of learning good habits for life.

Curiosity, creativity, research and study habits, problem solving, sound decision-making, empathy, and self-regulation are all learned and developed in these middle years.

At Helena College our main intake year at the Glen Forrest Campus is Year 6 where we begin our Middle School Programme for years 6 to 9. It’s where we transition students as they become part of our senior school, within the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme.

This provides a concept-based learning approach to teach the content of the WA Curriculum, but goes beyond the knowledge alone, and prepares students to be confident communicators, develop critical thinking skills, solve problems creativity, be reflective and engage in community service.

Pastoral care underpins all relationships within the Middle School. With small class sizes, students are put into homerooms, carefully chosen to best suit individual needs. Friendships are forged through these daily gatherings and are further enhanced through our highly regarded Camps Program and leadership development opportunities.

By the time they complete Year 9, students emerge from their Middle School journey as independent learners, ready be their best in the final years of secondary school.

Cathy Light
Director of Middle School

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