College Leadership

Helena College is fortunate to have experienced, highly skilled teaching professionals at every level who are committed to nurturing and challenging our students throughout their school years. The leadership approach is centred on the belief that young people are more likely to reach their full potential through education if there is a close and positive personal relationship between teacher, parent and student.

To find out more about the College’s Executive team  CLICK HERE – Meet the College’s Executive team.

College Council

Helena College Council is responsible for strategic oversight and governance of the school at the Darlington Campus (K-5) and Glen Forrest Campus (6-12).  Members are appointed for their professional skills, areas of expertise and enthusiasm for independent education.

Council sub-committees have responsibility for advising on Finance and Audit, and Risk, Audit, Compliance and Governance matters, supported by the expertise of members.

Members of the College Council voluntarily give their time and expertise to oversee the management of the College and ensure the school achieves its mission to educate and inspire students to be the best they can be by providing development of the whole child, having high expectations of learning and achievement, and offering creative, engaging and challenging educational experiences.

The Council’s role is to provide good governance and set the strategic directions for Helena College through each Strategic Plan.  The Principal is appointed by and accountable to the Council to manage the operations of the College and deliver the Teaching and Learning programme.  The Principal and staff implement the Strategic Plan within the directions and policies established by Council.  Progress on the implementation of the strategic plan and management of strategic risks and whole of school finances is monitored by the Council through regular reports from the Principal and sub-committees.

Click here to read the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan.

The Principal and the Business Manager (as Secretary to Council) attend all Council and sub-committee meetings.

Council Members

Ty Theodore, Chair of Council

Andrew Crean, Deputy Chair of Council

Matthew Batchelor

Gareth O’Neill

Kate Phillips

Richelle Romasz

Robyn Smart

Alex Watt

Communication with Council

Parents may make submissions to Council, addressed to:

Helena College Council

Secretary of Council

PO Box 52

Glen Forrest WA 6071

or email

Council representatives, who attend P&F meetings and College events, are not to be approached with school matters as they are not involved in management of the school operations.  Parents and guardians are requested to raise any issues regarding the school operations or staff with the Principal.  Please see the policy page for information on the appropriate disputes and complaints process.

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