Pre-Primary Sleepover

The Pre-primary sleepover is the children’s introduction to the camps programme at Helena College, and it is always a very exciting time. At five o’clock on Friday night, the children came back to school and after a goodbye kiss for mums and dads, they set up their beds in Helena House Hall.

Then it was time for the activities. First, making fruit kebabs and then a placemat to use at dinner. Once it was dark, the children headed out with torches in hand for a walk around the school and to explore the night sky. The sky was clear enough to see stars and wildlife were heard in the bush. After all that excitement, the children snuggled into their sleeping bags, watched a movie on the big screen and drifted off to sleep. They were all fantastic sleepers and enjoyed waking up next to their friends in the morning.

The sleepover is a wonderful way for the children to begin their camp experience, developing long-lasting relationships and building a sense of community within their classroom.

Kellie Sorensen Pre-primary Teacher

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