Year 12 Camp

This year saw a major change for the Year 12 Rottnest Camp. Rather than going to camp at the end of their school year, students went to Rottnest during the first week of Term One. Having it at a different time meant that the theme for the camp needed to be adjusted.

This year we focused on the wellbeing of the student, giving strategies to get through the rigours of Year 12. Student resilience and wellbeing are essential for academic and social development. They are optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. Not only do confident and resilient children, with a capacity for emotional intelligence, perform better academically, these skills can also contribute to their ability to create strong social bonds and supportive communities, and to maintain healthy relationships and responsible lifestyles.

We also asked students to reflect on their educational journey and acknowledged those who have helped them along the way,  showing appreciation and kindness, and to return that shown to them. As we know, an educational journey takes place in the years from early learning to the present, which involves more than just the teachers within the classroom.

Of course, the camp also included the traditional activities of surf lessons, swimming with a sea lion and maybe a jellyfish or two, golf, mini-golf and numerous journeys to the beach.

Tim Hayward Year 12 Camp Coordinator

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