Year 3 Camp

After the camp was postponed in Term Two due to COVID, the Year 3 students encountered warm spring weather during their overnight stay at Fairbridge Village at the beginning of Term Four. It was a camp where the class demonstrated a range of the Learner Profile Attributes including:

  • Caring for others
  • Communicating with each other when working as a team
  • Being Open-Minded by listening to other opinions
  • Principled – Using manners towards each other, the instructors and the teachers.

Students were asked to participate in a number of activities including archery, boomerang making, abseiling, orienteering and rock climbing. The class was asked to reach beyond friendship groups and work with students they may not have worked with before. They were able to work off each other and identify the strengths of their classmates throughout the camp.

The camp was a great opportunity for the students to take risks, have fun and enjoy time with their friends outside the school campus.

Alexander Cook Year 3 Teacher

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