Laptop programme

Our Glen Forrest Campus is a 1-to-1 laptop school, with each student from Years 6-12 having access to an Apple laptop while at the College. This enables them to take advantage of the many high-quality interactive learning resources that are now available. Digital literacy requires a practical knowledge of current information and communication technologies and an understanding of how they can be used at school, at home and in the workplace.

The ability to locate, organise, understand, evaluate, and analyse information using digital technology is essential for all students.

The College provides information for our parents to learn about staying safe online and the software the students will be using. Students are educated on all aspects of correct use of their laptops, including touch typing lessons in Year 6 and developing awareness of the importance of correct ergonomics. In keeping with the school ethos, students are reminded of the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to correct use of laptops.

Cyber safety is addressed in many subjects and Facebook and other social media sites are blocked on the College network.

For further information on the laptop programme at Helena College, please contact Maree Baddock, Director of Teaching and Learning (Years K-12).

For technical support please contact the ICT team.

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