Each campus has its own canteen, which operate on a non-profit basis with the help of parent volunteers. The canteen at the Darlington Campus (K-5) is open on Mondays and Fridays, whilst the canteen at the Glen Forrest Campus (6-12) is open five days a week.

Both canteens use the ‘traffic light’ system, classifying food and drinks based on their nutritional value, energy density and levels of saturated fat, added sugar, salt and fibre. Most daily menu choices are based on the core food groups and are predominantly classified ‘Green’, with some classified as ‘Amber’ whilst no ‘Red” items are sold at either canteen.

Canteen menus and rosters

Parents may also access canteen menus and rosters through SEQTA Engage. 

Ordering online

Helena College operates an online canteen service through QuickCliq. Parents at the Darlington Campus can place an order online or through the bag order system at school.

For students at the Glen Forrest Campus, QuickCliq can be used to put credit onto the student’s SmartRider Cards for use at the canteen. No online orders are available for the Glen Forrest Campus canteen.

For more information, contact the relevant canteen manager:

Rianna Lawrence, Darlington Campus

Annette Bottrell Glen Forrest Campus

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