Support and Wellbeing

In our lives from time to time we can all find ourselves in a state stress or concern due to trauma, extraordinary world and life events, or natural disasters.

This page is a resource for parents who are concerned about the effects these things might have on your children. Here we have put together some information you might find helpful.

Bushfires and natural disasters

For children:

Emerging Minds: General bushfire tip sheet

Healthy Living: Talking to children about bushfires

For older children/teenagers

Headspace: supporting a young person after a natural disaster


Visit our COVID-19 Information Hub

School TV

An online video channel about parenting matters for Helena parents that our P&F subscribed to, for your benefit.

Fact Sheets: Trauma and young people


If you have any queries or concerns about your child at school, please feel free to contact their class or homeroom teacher of one our Student Services team members.

Justin Pit
Deputy Principal - Operations
T: 9298 9100
Craig Hillman
Director Upper School
T: 9298 9100
Cathy Light
Director Middle School
T: 9298 9100
Susan Boyett
Director Student Services and College Psychologist
T: 9298 9100
Greg Miller
Head of Junior School
T: 9299 6626
April Ledger
Deputy Head of Junior School
T: 9299 6626

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