Specialists Classes

Students from Kindergarten to Year 5 benefit from weekly classes with teachers who are specialists in their subject area of Computer Studies, Languages (Indonesian), Library, Performing Arts or Physical and Health Education. Our specialist teachers are highly committed and engaged. They are supported with well-resourced learning areas and remain up to date with current best practice pedagogy through ongoing professional learning and collaboration.

Computer Studies

Students are taught by a specialist ICT teacher during weekly classes held in the dedicated computing room or other learning spaces. From Kindergarten to Year 5, the students develop the skills and understandings to become effective users of the technologies that are now an integral part of our professional and personal world.

Through hands-on experiences and explicit instruction, the students learn how to use digital systems to investigate and create, communicate and manage data. The skills and knowledge developed in Computer Studies further enhance their use of classroom iPads and laptops, as well as devices at home.


All students have the opportunity to learn more than one language. Every learner benefits from having access to different languages, cultures and perspectives. In 2022, it was announced that Auslan (Australian Sign Language) will be the Language Other Than English (LOTE) programme in the Junior School from 2023.

Library Studies

Our specialist Library teacher works with students from all year levels to foster a love of literature whilst developing information literacy skills and understandings. Students are taught how to find and choose the right books for them, whether for research or pleasure. The delight of literature is regularly explored through storytime sessions and shared discussions of texts and is celebrated during Book Week each year.

Our Library is a welcoming and flexible space that provides access to information, resources and services to support student and teacher needs.

Performing Arts

The arts are a powerful medium through which students can explore their sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them. Our specialist Performing Arts teacher works with students from Kindergarten to Year 5, building their awareness of dance, drama and music. The programme is designed to promote enjoyment and engagement as well as skills and understandings in performing arts. The students learn through a range of activities, games, songs and dances.

There are opportunities for students to participate in clubs and showcase performances throughout the year. Participation contributes to the student’s growth as a confident and creative individual. Engagement and learning across the Arts discipline promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills and positive social interactions.

Physical and Health Education

Through the Physical Education programme, our specialist teacher develops students’ skills, knowledge and understandings for lifelong, healthy active living through experiential learning. There is a focus on fundamental movement skills, sports participation and gameplay activities for skill, awareness and teamwork. Students are exposed to a wide variety of sports to encourage self-confidence.  Through the year, there are opportunities to participate in inter-house and inter-school sporting carnivals.

The Protective Behaviours personal safety framework is a significant component of the Health curriculum across all year levels. Designed to address the risk of child abuse and child grooming, the programme empowers students from Kindergarten to Year 5 by teaching the skills needed to identify and respond to risks.



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