Visual Arts

The Visual Arts programme focuses on providing our students with essential skills and knowledge in the artistic disciples of drawing, painting, print making, ceramics and mixed media. Our students are guided to explore their own mindfulness and identity through emersion in the production of works of art. Students and teachers are committed to providing a safe learning environment where our students can have fun, explore feelings, learn new skills, make mistakes and grow. Analysing aesthetics, sensing beauty and the exploration of self expression are vital aspects of each unit.

Student works are showcased at the Helena College Awards and Graduation Night, along with submissions to local and prestigious metropolitan selective exhibitions. ‘Pop-up’ exhibits in the art rooms and library, punctual the school year and afford our students moments to contemplate the artwork of their friends and peers.

Art club runs every lunchtime in the art rooms to facilitate free time for creative play and positive interactions with the Visual Arts Teachers.


While some students intend to pursue a career in drama and related fields, they also participate in drama for enjoyment and satisfaction. They experience the pleasure that comes from developing personal skills, knowledge and understandings that can be transferred to a range of careers and situations. The Drama course builds confidence, empathy, understanding about human experience, and a sense of identity and belonging.

Senior Drama

Play-building is a natural form of expression in young people and Drama students at Helena College are encouraged to explore their own imagination with confidence. Inclusive of performance, students are explicitly taught to operate the lighting and sound system in the Drama Performance Arts Centre.

Year 12 Drama, ATAR is a rigorous culmination of student’s knowledge and practice. Students devise an original solo production for performance at the Drama Showcase in Term Three. Students at Helena prepare for their performances with a range of opportunities across their study, enhancing their resilience and happiness with their achievements. Such experiences include the Whole School Musical, Senior School Production and facilitating younger students in their passion for theatre, in Drama Club.

These all assist in their final WACE practical exam, where students present a scripted monologue, improvisation and interview in their final practical exam.  A written exam assessing student’s critical thinking and analytical skills in the roles as director, designers and actors rounds out their educational experience in the theatre arts.

Devising and Creating: Year 10 Drama is an exciting opportunity for students exploring their performance capacity in front of an audience. Each semester,  students assemble a number of personal choice scripts and monologues and devise a student-driven show. They work independently and collaboratively, learning self-management skills, showing initiative and demonstrating leadership and interpersonal skills. After the first term of improvisation tasks and rehearsal, the Ensemble Night is presented in front of an audience of supportive parents and peers. Helena College Drama students continue their live theatre experience by presenting excerpts from contemporary Australian works and experimenting with costume and set design. 

Middle School Drama

Year 9 Drama allows students to explore re-imagining of existing texts such as Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and performing them, melodramatically, for a younger audience, namely Year 6 students. Students go on to create original choreography for musical theatre numbers and present duo performances using physical theatre techniques for experimental plays. In the unit, students demonstrate their capacity for creative thinking and application in written analysis of unseen and known playscripts in the role of actor and designer.

Units in Year 6 to Year 8 continue to align with the WA Curriculum, whereby students will study such styles as Realism, Ritual theatre and Commedia del’ arte. The enjoyment and freedom of improvisation and playbuilding skills are integral to all lowerschool units of study. 


Each year students in Years 3 to 6 are given the opportunity to participate in Wakakirri, a performance by a group of students that theatrically tells a story using a combination of dancing, creative movement and acting to pre-recorded music. Students rehearse on Wednesday afternoons in Term 1 and 2 before performing in front of a live audience at The Perth Concert Hall in Term 3.

In 2021 our cast of 98 students is performing Reef Rescue, which tells the story of coral bleaching on our Coral Reefs. The story conveys the important message of creating a more energy efficient world, by reducing carbon emissions and minimising the use of fossil fuels. Following their performance at the Perth Concert Hall in August, they were awarded with the ‘Outstanding Environmental Story Award’.

The team was also commended on construction and clarity, overall costume design, overall set design, performance teamwork and its soundtrack mix. Students involved will once again perform in the finals on Monday 6 September.
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