Congratulations to the Class of 2022

Year 12 Friday, 13 Jan 2023

At Helena College, our mission is to provide a balanced educational experience for all students. This means that student success at school is not measured solely by academic achievement, rather it is by each student's intellectual and personal growth over their time at the College. It is with this in mind that we recognise and celebrate all of our graduating Year 12 students through a series of farewell events, including a Graduation Evening, in October each year in order to offer them best wishes for the future and thank them for all that they have contributed to our community.  

While academic success is not the sole focus, evidence of learning and achievement is important information for the school and we believe also to our community. We are very pleased to announce that all 71 students in our graduating class of 2022 received their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). All of these young adults are to be congratulated on their success in completing a rigorous and challenging Year 12 program. 

Each year, the WA Government Standards and Curriculum Authority presents awards to high achieving students, both those on ATAR and General subject pathways. This year, seven Helena College students received Certificates of Distinction and 13 students received Certificates of Merit. One student received a Subject Certificate of Excellence for English. 

Of our graduating class, 45 students completed four or more ATAR courses. Helena College’s median ATAR was 90.1 which is well above the state median of 83.45. Other results included:

  • 3 students (7%) achieved an ATAR of 99 or greater (the top 1% of the state).
  • 8 students (18%) achieved an ATAR of 95 or greater (the top 5% of the state).
  • 23 students (50%) achieved an ATAR of 90 or greater (the top 10% of the state).
  • 33 students (74%) achieved an ATAR of 70 or greater, which gives them direct entry to universities in Western Australia.

Along with congratulating our students on these excellent results, it is important to recognise the contribution made by our teachers and staff in supporting all of our students throughout their time at the College.

We wish all of our recent graduates the very best for their lives beyond Helena College.