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The Helena Experience Friday, 01 Mar 2024

From their first excited (and perhaps a little hesitant) steps into kindergarten through to the confident strides of a Year 12 as they cross the stage at their graduation, a child’s journey through school is marked by growth, discovery, and many opportunities to learn - and not all of that is done in the classroom! Each year brings new challenges, friendships, and lessons, shaping not just their academic knowledge but also their character and resilience.

This year, Helena College welcomed more than 100 new students across both our campuses, from Kindergarten onwards. We are looking forward to helping them to grow in confidence as they navigate a new school, making new friends and begin exploring the new academic challenges.

For our youngest students, it is an exciting transition, with the staggered start to the year making it that much easier to settle in the new routine of going to ‘big school’. Initially attending for half days and half the week, our Kindy kids have had a gentle introduction to the Early Learning Centre.

Our biggest intake of new students was in our Year 6 cohort. An extended orientation program in the first week of school helped ease them into life in the dedicated Year 6 precinct. It’s a guided step up, with a focus on giving them the confidence and skills to thrive in a new environment. 

While others step into life at Helena, our Year 12s are preparing to step out into the world. Prior to the start of term, Year 12s attended a three-day retreat covering wellbeing activities, study skills, university visits and more, setting them up with a positive framework for what will be a challenging year.

We know that choosing a school is one of the most significant decisions a parent or carer can make for their child. At Helena College, we are big enough to offer a wide range of opportunities for all children and yet, with less than 800 students from Kindergarten to Year 12, we are still small enough for every child to be seen and heard.

The best way to get to know us is to tour our College on a normal school day. You’ll see classes in action and hear from students and staff about what makes Helena a special place to learn and grow. Limited enrolment opportunities are available in selected year groups. For more information, please email